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Action A1. Preparing technical documentation for further actions.
Action A2. Preparation of conservation plans for 10 objests.
Action A3. Preparation of Habitat Action Plan for xerothermic grasslands in Poland.
Action B1. Purchase of land with precious patches of xerothermic grasslands.
Action C1. Cutting out or thinning expansive thickets of shrubs and trees.
Action C2. Removal of non-native invasive species - Heracleum sosnowskyi
Action C3. Removal of illegal landfills.
Action C4. Restoration of degenerated xerothermic grasslands patches.
Action C5. Strengthening the population of Echium russicum.
Action C6. Testing of the mobile pasturage method.
Action C7. Channelling tourism.
Action C8. Reinstating extensive grazing on xerothermic grasslands.
Action D1. Preparing, publishing and dissemination of educational materials.
Action D2. Creation, publishing and distribution of an album about xerothermic grasslands in Poland.
Action D3. Organizing a series of workshops and conferences on xerothermic grasslands and their conservation.
Action D4. Shooting and distribution of a documentary on xerothermic grasslands.
Action D5. Project's website.
Action D6. Information boards.
Action D7. Preparation and publication of a layman's report and scientific report.
Action D8. Supporting the international flow of information about xerothermic grasslands conservation.
Action E1. The menagment of the project.
Action E2. Monitoring of project's results.
Action E3. Preparing "After-LIFE Conservation Plan".