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The four xerotermic grasslands were taken under protection (Action A2)
After long effords we managed to take under protection for xerotermic grasslands, we take care of in the frames of our project. In Zatoń Dolna the entire 16 hectare parcel pursuant to a resolution of Chojna town council became 'Ecological site', and the most valuable (but small) xerotermic slope in Nawodna was taken under protection as Natural Monument 'Slope of Orchids'. Cedynia town council has established another two Natural Monuments: 'Warm dune' and 'Feather Grass Slope'. The selection of protected area category is strictly connected with the characteristic of object. In case when the grassland is a big, selected parcel the appropriate category is 'Ecological site'. When the grassland is a very small object different from the surrounding, and is located inside very big parcel (for example forest) the best solution is establishing Natural Monument. We would like to thanks to city councils of Chojna and Cedynia for kind attitude toward the problem of grassland conservation and establishing Natural monuments and site. We are sure, that the new objects will enhance grasslands protection and at the same time increase touristic attractiveness of both communes.