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The plot of land bought in Zatoń Dolna is marked out (Action B1)
The Grasslands in Zatoń Dolna were not been used for many years. Some of them were intentionally ploughed, some gradually partially ploughed by the owners of neighboring fields. Vast areas of grassland was gradually covered by shrubs and even initial stages of forest and the stream in the ravine changed its bed while meandering. All those factors made marking out a plot of land with the best grasslands in Zatoń Dolna we bought within the project extremely difficult. ( The borders of the plot are mainly unclear and partially impossible to mark even approximately. As a result we decided to assign marking out the plot. The entity selected quickly started works despite severe weather conditions. Every triangulation point of the boarder after detailed localization is "strengthened" with boarder stones. Those appears useful especially while enclosing with the fence or solving problems with borders violations made by "expansive" neighbors. While marking up the plot it appeared that the owners of neighboring parcels partially ploughed the biggest grassland, the stream "invaded" our plot borders, and within the plot a neighbor established his apiary. We are sure, that in the frameworks of good neighborhood we will manage to solve all those problems.