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The nature reserve "Sunny Hills" was created! (Action A2)
The xerothermic grasslands located in the vicinity of Raduń and Zatoń Dolna villages are known as one of the most valuable termophilous vegetation concentration in NW Poland. Several extremely rare xerothermic plant species occurs there as well as many rare and threatened invertebrates. Unfortunately, the xerothermic grasslands are located on the parcels owned by the National Forest Holding which makes conservation and active protection of these vegetation very difficult. This is so because of obvious conflict of interests - foresters are expected to care about tree stand whereas protection of grasslands needs stand removal. Bearing in mind the conflict several years ago we made an attempt to create nature reserve in this place. Recently, after few years of field work, including detailed inventories of plants, invertebrates and birds as well as several meetings with foresters we completed the tast - the reserve has been just created by the Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection in Szczecin. The decision provide us with the opportunity for conducting more effective conservation action in the reserve - in the near future we are going to realize some active protection and we will prepare detailed plan of conservation for the reserve.