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Grassland restoration in the vicinity of Zatoń Dolna (Action C4)
In the beginning of September, on the purchased parcel near Zatoń Dolna we have started works related with restoration of almost 5.5 ha destroyed grasslands. This area in the past had been maintaining as a pasture but in last decade unfortunately has been ploughed and transform to arable fields. The process of grasslands regeneration we started with fallow disking and ploughing. It stimulate cereal remaining in the ground to sprout (disking) and then destroy of seedlings (ploughing). In the same time we collected hay with species characteristic for grasslands from adjacent grasslands. The hay will be spread on ploughed area which will speed up the process of grassland regeneration. The hay was collected on the grasslands surrounding our working surface in order to keep the local genetic pool of grassland species. Finally, the surface with scattered hay will be rolled. This will limit blowing away valuable seeds from hay by wind and will increase the effectiveness of the treatment.