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Workshop on grassland conservation for the kids (Action D3)
May seems to be the best month for explore xerothermic grasslands - both animal and plant species as well as ecological processes are the most visible during this time. Therefore during 9th of May we organized workshop for the pupils from first class of School the name of Mieszko I in Mieszkowice. We selected this school because in Mieszkowice District we realize several actions related with grassland conservation, and pupils from the school are highly interested in natural sciences.

The workshop took place in Naturalists Club's field station in Owczary. Pupils visited the exposition in our "meadow museum" and chief of the station, Ewa Drewniak, presented techniques of preparation and further production of various materials made of wool. Next, the pupils watched presentations concerning plants and animals inhabiting xerothermic habitats as well as presentation on ecological processes that took place in this ecosystem. We put special emphasis on conservation of grasslands. After the presentations we moved into the field - the most interesting species of plants and animals had been found and shown to participants who get familiar with them with the help of observing, touching, smelling and even tasting. Moreover, the pupils get familiar with the flock of sheep, with several goats and one horse. The workshop ended with the campfire.

Despite that the pupils are only 8 years old, they assimilate surprisingly great amount of information on xerothermic grasslands and their conservation. Short test and discussion on the problems mentioned during the workshop confirmed that the pupils learned a lot. Every participant of the workshop received small gift - the ecological f school equipment and educational materials, whereas the whole group received the film "Once Upon a Time... Planet Earth" which can be used by the whole school.