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The scope of activities in the Mieszkowice Forestry Division has been determined! (Action A1)
A meeting was held on May 5, 2010 to discuss the conservation of xerothermic grasslands located in areas managed by the Mieszkowice Forestry Division. Project staff presented Forestry personnel with the scope and details of the conservation activities already planned for 24 xerothermic grassland plots in the areas of Kostrzynek, Rudnica, Trutwiniec, Siekierki, Gozdowice and Błeszyn, among others (a specific description of the these locations can be found under "areas"). The issues of mobile sheep pasturage, brush and sapling removal, placement of educational elements about the environment and xerothermic grassland reconstruction were discussed in detail. An agreement will soon be signed to seal this cooperation between the Forestry Division and the Naturalists' Club as part of the LIFE+ project.

It is worth mentioning that the Mieszkowice Forestry Division has already worked with us on a previous project to protect xerothermic vegetation. As part of that project, we were able to clear brush seedlings and tree saplings from 10 ha of xerothermic grasslands, among other activities.