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We have signed another agreements concerning pasturage on grasslands (Action C8)
Xerothermic grasslands in the vicinity of Nawodna underwent negative transformations during last decades. This area was used as a source of sand and place for illegal rubbish dump. Eastern part of the grassland was overgrown due to lack of utilization whereas western one was overgrazed by horses kept here in high densities.

As a part of our project we had managed to remove the illegal rubbish dump and trees overgrowing the grassland. However it was not enough for the effective protection of the xerothermic vegetation - extensive pasturage was necessary to stop the natural succession. For this purpose we signed the agreement with farmers from Nawodna who declared to conduct extensive pasturage of 4 ha plot during next years. According to the agreement whole the grassland will be fenced. The fence will be helpful in reducing the grazing in western part of the grassland and increasing the grazing in the eastern one. Light-weight horses will be used for the grazing on the grassland. We hope that fence on the area will stop waste disposal in this area.