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We have purchased the parcel in Kąty site! (Action B1)
After the long lasting negotiations we managed to persuade one of the private owners in Kąty site (PLH060010) to send his parcel covering precious patches of xerothermic grasslands. Previously the purchased land had been separated from bigger parcel including appreciable area of arable land. In that way Klub Przyrodników become an owner of 5,8 ha of one of the most valuable patches of xerothermic grasslands in Poland. Kąty site, for a long time are known as a very unique and biodiversity-rich refugium of xerothermic vegetation. 26 protected species of plants connected with xerothermic grasslands occur there, which is very high number for so small site (24 ha). Unfortunately, despite of numerous conversations none of the owners of Kąty site decided to cooperate with us in our project in conservation of this precious habitats. In this situation, Klub Przyrodników decided to purchase a part of Kąty site parcels and provide them proper conservation.