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Rubbish removal from Nawodna Has started (Action C3)
The xerothermic grasslands in Nawodna are one of the most rich and valuable patches of this type of vegetation in Odra river valley. Several extremely rare plant species occur there. Unfortunately, illegal sand harvesting leading to subsiding of the whole grasslands is a real threat for persistence of the xerothermic vegetation. Together with the harvesting, rubbishes from adjacent villages are illegally wasted there also. The rubbish leads to environmental pollution and eutrophisation of the habitat which facilitate populations of invasive species. As a result, the grassland which is well known to botanists from tens of year had been systematically degenerated and no one made an attempt to protect is. Until now! Few days ago we removal of illegal rubbish dump has started as a part of our project. From the dump we have removed several tons of variable rubbish types, including glass, tires, rubble and others. Some of them were selected and utilized. In the next stages of the action we are going to fence the area and place tables informing that the rubbish wasting is illegal there. Moreover, we are going to remove some trees and conduct extensive pasturage on the most biodiversity-rich patches. Finally, we will try to educate farmers form adjacent villages to prevent illegal rubbish wasting on the grassland in the future.