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Workshop in Żurawce site (Action D3)
In 21th and 23th of September we conducted field workshop in Żurawce Nature 2000 site for students from the School Complex named after Bartosz Głowacki in Tomaszów Lubelski. The pupils under care of Anna Branach, Jadwiga Błahuty, Ewa Wójtowicz i Joanna Zięzio were familiarized by workers of Naturalists Club with the theory of origin of xerothermic grasslands, their biodiversity and methods of their conservation. The theoretical lessons were supplemented with fieldwork related with bushes removing on the grasslands in Machnowska Góra. Each action was finished with fireplace in Ruda Żurawiecka. We are grateful to teachers from Tomaszów Lubelski, activists from Zamo¶ć Nature Association and to Mrs. Joanna Kulpa from Ruda Żurawiecka for their valuable help during the workshop.