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We came to an agreement on reserve "Sunny Hills" near Raduń (Odra region) (Action C5)
On 5 July 2011 in office of Chojna Forest District the meeting addressing the problem of reserve "Sunny Hills" took place. Participants of the meeting were foresters from Chojna and Szczecin, workers of Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection in Szczecin and workers of the Life + project. After the discussion that took several hours and visit in the field we managed to agree on borders of the planned reserve. In its final version the reserve covers the most important patches of xerothermic grasslands in the vicinity of Raduń and Nawodna villages as well as ecological corridors crucial for preservation of connectivity between the grassland patches. The agreement was signed by all the participants which let us believe that the reserve will be formally set up in the nearest future.

The reserve in vicinity of Nawodna and Raduń was proposed for the first time over 50 years ago, unfortunately the plans never came to reality. After several tens of years Naturalists Club in 2007 convinced Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection in Szczecin to make an attempt to set up the reserve in the locality. The Club conducted field inventory and prepared detailed documentation on natural values of the area which became important argument for the protection. The grasslands located in the vicinity of Nawodna and Zatoń villages are one of the most important hotsp[ots of xerothermic vegetation in Western Poland, and their value seems to be comparable to those of Bielinek reserve.

With the help of Life+ project financial support we are going to prepare document presenting detailed plan of protection for the reserve as well as realize tasks in the field necessary to hold on degeneration of the grasslands.