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The article about our LIFE + project was published in the Steppe Bulletin
The article about xerothermic grasslands in Poland and our LIFE+ project was published in 31 issue of the Steppe Bulletin. The Steppe Bulletin is non-commercial journal addressing the issueas of nature conservation and promotion of the steppe ecosystems in former republics of Soviet Union, but also from Mongolia, China, Europe and even from other continents (for example, from North America). The journal is published since 1998 as an effect of cooperation of three Russian nongovernmental organizations: centre for Wildlife Conservation in Moscow, Laboratory of Natural Ecosystems and Siberian Environmental Center. The bulletin publishes scientific as well as popular articles, informational items, publications reviews, deed descriptions, results of inventory work, information about conferences and other meetings etc. Each issue of the bulletin is available in Siberian Environmental Center website: