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Xerothermic workshop for young people from Mieszkowice and Moryń (Action D3)
In the end of May in the field station of Naturalists Club in Owczary we conducted the workshop concerning biodiversity for pupils from secondary schools in Odra river region. In 23-24 May the group of twenty pupils from the secondary schools in Mieszkowice and Moryń was learning about ecology and conservation of xerothermic grasslands in the region. First of all we familiarized young people with issues of Natura2000 network and problems of protection of habitats of special conservation concern. Here we reminded basic rules of ecology and in particular the problem of natural succession. Next, we concentrated on xerothermic vegetation and explained theoretical background of this kind of habitat, its division into different types of grasslands as well as described rare and protected species of termophilous fauna and flora. Finally, we moved into the grasslands and during several hours spent in the field with young people we showed them several components of xerothermic ecosystem and overall diversity. The field trip was supplemented with night exploration of bats and birds of night activity. During the next day we familiarized young people with our project and showed them camp of mobile pasturage. Additionally, the pupils made an attempt to participate in active protection of the grassland by removing of Prunus spinosa overgrowing the xerothermic vegetation. We believe that such educational actions are especially important for the region and will bring profits in the future.