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Removal of invasive shrub - Mahonia aquifolium - from the grassland in Błeszyn, Dolna Odra river valley (Action C4)
Mahonia aquifolium is the small-sized shrub of attractive look and is popular among gardeners. Unfortunately, the species is invasive - can get out from gardens and settle in seminatural habitats like old parks and graveyards; moreover in some cases it can colonize even pine forests. The problem of invasion of Mahonia aquifolium is especially serious in lower Odra river valley. Specific microclimate in this region with high temperatureas and insolation facilitate invasions of the shrub which has become abundant also on the xerothermic grasslands. As a consequence Mahonia aquifolium together with Robinia pseudoacacia is a serious threat for the xerothermic vegetation in the Błeszyn grassland. Belowground root system of Mahonia aquifolium is relatively dense and extensive which facilitate its invasion and causes that mowing is unjustified and ineffective. Therefore we made an attempt to removal of whole individuals of Mahonia aquifolium with handmade techniques. This seems to be much more effective as great majority of belowground root system of the shrub is removed with this technique. We expect that this action will be effective and let us to restore and protect xerothermic vegetation on the Błeszyn grassland.