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8th meeting of the European Dry Grassland Group in Ukraine (Action D8)
European Dry Grassland group together with Institute of Botany, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences is going to organize 8th conference concerning dry grasslands in Europe (EDGG meeting). The conference will took place in Humań (south Ukraine) in 13-17 June 2011. The main issues of the conference are biodiversity, classification and management on dry grasslands in Europe. Several field trips are planned during the meeting: to Boh (southern part of Bug) river valley with ultra-rich flora, to "Askania Nova" biosphere reserve covering over 10 000 ha of steppe, and to national park placed coles to Chersoń city, where rare and valuable grasslands occur at former military training ground. More details concerning the conference can be found here:

We are going to participate in the meeting and present the Life+ project "Conservation and restoration of xerothermic grasslands in Poland - theory and practice" on the conference.