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Horses enjoy Calamagrostis epigaeios but with ought mutuality (Action C8)
About this truth we were convinced when we observed the effects of pasturage on xetothermic grasslands in Czelin. In the farm with which we have been cooperating the light sport horses were pasturaged. We recorded that the horses had grazed all fields with Calamagrostis epigaeios as it was suggested by equerries. Calamagrostis epigaeios is an expansive grass species that overgrows xerothermic grasslands and its expansions is fastened with abandonment of pastures. After the pasturage on the grasslands in Czelin rosettes of low plants so far shaded by Calamagrostis epigaeios or even patches of bare soil occurred. The places with exposed bare soil are excellent for spring, thermophilic therophyts. To sum up the results of the pasturage in Czelin one may conclude that only after one grazing season landscape had changed considerably. The edges of blackthorn bushes were reduced in a great extent and huge stones located on the slopes of the Odra River Valley up to now overgrown by Calamagrostis are visible again. Saying briefly: "Brave horses go on!"