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Pasturage season has not ended so far! (Action C6)
According to our plans the pasture season should be ended with the end of July, however we decided to continue pasturing in following months. Perfect weather as well as excellent results of mobile pasturage in Odra and Warta river regions contributed to such decision. During last week we increased our flock of sheep about five goats. We got them from private owner because he wanted to support the actions concern with xerothermic grasslands protection. The goats are used for special tasks. When sheep works as intelligent mower which systematically and selectively "mow" grasslands, goats act as brushcutters and therefore we use them at sites overgrown with bushes. Until the goats will not get used to sheep and a new place they will be moored on a long chain close to bushes. One of the shepherds, who took part in pasturage since may till the end of July, continuously takes care of sheep and goats as a volunteer.