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The cultivation of plants on xerothetmic grasslands Zachodniowołyńska Dolina Bugu was started (Action C5)
On September 11th, together with Regionalna Dyrekcja Ochrony ¦rodowiska w Lublinie, we started cultivation activities on steep slopes of Bug river valley, near Czumów (Nature 2000 site Zachodniowołyńska Dolina Bugu). Overgrown xerothermic grasslands were mechanically mowed down, next swath was removed and felt was raked out. Those actions were taken in order to prepare this area before the reintroduction of the first seedlings of Echium russicum. We assume that such preparations will remarkably improve survivability of reintroduced plants and help to rescue the species. Seeds of Echium russicum used for the reintroduction program had been collected from endangered population in Czumów by workers of botanical garden in Lublin. Additionally, local experts of the project: Anna Cwener, Piotr Chmielewski and project manager: Katarzyna Barańska also marked individuals of Chamaecytisus albus at this site, to protect them before eventually mowing which would be catastrophic for the species as it is the only population in Poland.