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From sheep to ball of wool
One of the main problems in xerothermic grasslands protection is relatively low economic profitability of husbandry of animals that may be pasture in such habitat type. Currently sheep and goats are very rare in modern agriculture. During last decades the production of wool and cheese made of sheep or goat milk have been disappearing. However recently such kind of activity becomes more and more popular but in completely new form. Sheep and goats used to be caped out of necessity - they delivered milk, wool, meat and at the same time could be used for grazing pasturelands of low quality. They also become an important element of developing agrotourism were husbandry of those animals, especially of rare or endangered races, is treated as a hobby. Also traditional manufacture of dairy products and spinning started to be fashionable. The activities which were nightmares for grandmothers become a real attraction for their granddaughters nowadays! Spinning a "natural" yarn on an old spinning wheel, wool carding or coloration it by walnuts become a fashion hobby, the same as other "ecological" products. To see spinning in a new scene please visit this website: On the blog you can learn about forgotten methods of spinning, wool coloration and about whole process: from sheep cutting to colorful ball of wool! Further, you will find there a lot of advices of people who are advanced and experienced in spinning and many other interesting information. For interested people the workshops of wool spinning are available (more information you can get by e-mail: ), which we highly recommend! Such type of activity is adorable and should be supported. Thanks to such initiatives traditional manufacture will not be forgotten.