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A meeting was held with the landowners of the Niedzieliska site (Action A1)
A meeting was held on July 12 at the Elementary School in Niedzieliska (Szczebrzeszyn Township) with representatives of the Naturalists' Club and landowners of the area included within the Natura 2000 "Niedzieliska" site. Mr. Wiaczesław Michalczuk, President of the Zamojski Nature Association, also participated, together with several employees of Szczebrzeszyn City Hall and the Lublin Center of Agricultural Advisory Services (Sitno branch). The project's main objectives were presented and the conservation activities planned for the Niedzieliska site were discussed in detail. The landowners were given questionnaires to complete, where they were able to indicate which activities were acceptable to them. A cursory review of the questionnaires showed that most landowners positively viewed activities related to channeling tourism use of the site, clearing brush and trash removal. Most of the persons in attendance were also interested in selling their holdings to protect the site and to create a Niedzieliska environmental use area.

We are most grateful to the representatives of Szczebrzeszyn City Hall for their help in organizing this meeting, as well as to Mr. Michalczuk for sharing his knowledge about the area. We also thank all those present for attending the meeting!