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Two meetings were held with landowners of the Zachodniowołyńska Dolina Bugu area (Action A1)
Two meetings were organized on July 14 in Gródek and Czumów (near Hrubieszów) with landowners of xerothermic grasslands in the Zachodniowołyńska Dolina Bugu area. The aim of both meetings was to present the project's main objectives and planned activities to protect the grasslands on the slopes of the Bug River near Gródek and Czumów. The landowners took great interest in the project. As with the Niedzieliska meeting, participants received a questionnaire to complete allowing them to express their opinions about the planned conservation activities. Agricultural advisors present at the meeting also presented information on the possibility of receiving EU subsidies for using xerothermic grasslands and other marginal habitats. Naturalists' Club representatives would like to thank the village administrators of Gródek and Czumów, as well as the agricultural advisors: Ms. Anna Koszałko and Mr. Jan Grabarczuk, for organizing both meetings. Our thanks also go to all those who attended.