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Grasslands on the screen (Action D4)
Filming has just begun on the conservation of xerothermic grasslands in Poland. The film crew will be accompanying us throughout the duration of the project, documenting the progress of our work, the problems that arise, our team's successes as well as the very object of protection - the xerothermic grasslands!

FELIS FILM (, owned by Mr. Ireneusz Chojnacki, the founder of WWF Poland, won the bid for making the documentary. We hope that his experience in working on nature conservation will facilitate our cooperation!

We have just finished the seventh day of field work on the documentary. Threats to xerothermic grasslands, mobile pasturage and rare, thermophilous plant and animal species in the Lublin region and along the Oder River were filmed.

A short promotional spot for the film, an essay lasting several minutes, will be placed on our website at the end of the year. We invite you to have a look at that time!