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More grasslands have been grazed! (Action C6)
Since the beginning of May, several grasslands have been grazed in the Dolna Odra and Warta areas using the mobile pasturage scheme with wrzosówka sheep. the animals were transported about 40 km south along the Oder valley to Rudnica (see the description under the heading: About the project - Areas - Oder - Rudnica) from the Zatonia Dolna grassland (see the description under the heading: About the project - Areas - Oder - Raduń). First the animals grazed on about a 2 ha of Stipa grassland on a slope along a small stream near Rudnica. Two weeks later, they were transported to one of the most valued locations in the Dolna Odra area that includes the largest known Stipa borysthenica habitat in Poland. This location is about 1 ha in size, on a gentle slope of the Oder River valley. Before the animals were released on the grassland, the largest patches of Stipa borysthenica were fenced. This allowed a large proportion of the seeds of these rare grasses to mature without risking their destruction by the animals. Additionally, the freshly cropped grass of the remaining area provided excellent conditions enabling the dispersed Stipa seeds to sprout. Afterwards, three smaller grasslands neighboring the Stipa borysthenica stands were grazed by the livestock driven there on foot.